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Industrial Production in Bedford Park, IL

Industrial Production in Bedford Park, IL

Art Wire Works, Inc. is an industry leader in the design and custom manufacturing of original equipment parts and point-of-purchase displays.

***Proudly Made in the USA***

Some of our key competitive advantages include:

  • Design and Prototype Capabilities
  • Fast Quotations
  • Short Lead Times
  • Low / High Production Runs

Art Wire Works, Inc. specializes in the following aspects of industrial production in Bedford Park, IL:

Wire Fabrication

Wire fabrication and wire forming are part of our core services. We can manufacture products ranging from wire forms to shelving to complete display racks. We have a vast equipment list including wire straightening and cutoff equipment, wire forming and bending equipment, press brakes, spot welders, T-welders, butt welders, and MIG and TIG welders. We work with carbon and stainless steel wire in sizes from 0.08” to .50”

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Many of our wire products also contain fabricated sheet metal components such as brackets, channels, and plates. Our machine operators form individual pieces utilizing shearing, punching, notching, and bending of sheet metal up to 10 gauge.

Tubing Fabrication

We offer a full range of pipe and tube fabrication services including cutting, bending and welding. We work with carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper between 0.25” OD and 5” OD, including round, square and rectangle tube. We have an extensive inventory of bending dies providing flexibilities with all radiuses and sizes.

Fully Assembled Units

Extensive in-house welding capabilities – including both MIG and TIG welding – allow our team to fully assemble various parts and components. Many of the fully assembled units we manufacture incorporate wire, sheet metal, and tubing parts.

Engineering / Prototype

We offer extensive design and engineering services in a collaborative effort with our customer’s goals and objectives. Additionally, we also utilize these design services – and customer supplied prints and drawings – to produce prototypes incorporating wire, sheet metal, and tubing.

Assembly / Packaging / Warehousing

Art Wire Works, Inc. has substantial space allocated to the assembly, packing and warehousing of our customer's products. In addition to providing complete manufacturing and assembly, we can pack the product to your specifications and we can also drop ship the product directly to your customers.